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Take Me Out To The Ballgame

On Monday night we headed out to the ballpark for a company outing.  Not intimidated by the 90 degree weather, we loaded up and made our way into the city to check out our own Indianapolis Indians.  

Nola loved dinner and gave her hot dog 2 thumbs up!  You may have noticed the evidence on the front of her dress. 

Kate was just happy to have her own water bottle...not her standard sippy cup. 

And Jack...well he loved everything about it! 

But after about 20 minutes or so.....

Everyone started to get hot.  

And bored...and very thirsty.  

I mentioned bored..didn't I?

So we decided to call it quits about an hour in.  

Kate, who sat in her chair longer than anyone, was more than willing to throw in the towel.  

But just as we were making our way out of the stadium, we ran into the Collyers who insisted that the kids get the full ballpark experience.  Keep in mind that our children just polished off hot dogs, sodas (a rare treat) and GIANT chocolate chip cookies.  But "Fun Jeff" and the rest of his crew refused to take no for an answer.  Instead he flagged down the first cotton candy vendor he found, whipped out his wallet and proceeded to purchase a bag of fluffed SUGAR for the Trusty trio.  The kids loved it!  Well, everyone except Kate who wasn't so sure about the texture.  So, she fed her share to Meg....the youngest Collyer.  

Loved getting these shots of Mary's baby holding mine.  

And Jack...well, he was in heaven.  

Did the Trusty Family make it all nine innings?  Nope.  But we did enjoy ourselves and left before anyone started to cry or stress out.  I learned that lesson a few years ago.  I gave up trying to force my family to stay until the end of a game or ride every attraction at the amusement park.  I even gave up trying to get the perfect photograph.  Why? Because this is life.  We venture out on these excursions to enjoy each other...to spend time together.  So, when part of our team starts to run out of gas....we celebrate all that went right...while making a beeline back to the car!  

I would chalk this up to another successful outing!  Go Team Trusty!   

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