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Happy Father's Day

It's tough to find a gift for a guy who doesn't like "stuff."  You see, D isn't a collector of things and would honestly choose time with his family over a gift any day of the week.  After talking with the kids, we came up with some ideas.

First to Bat:  Nola

She remembered a time that Daddy took her to the state fair where they had the opportunity to feed goats.  She said that they had such a fun time, maybe he would like to have a goat or at least a stuffed goat for his desk. What makes this particularly funny is that every time she sees a goat toy, she asks if she can buy it for him.  She wraps it up and gives it to him...reminding him of the time they fed the goats at the fair. She once insisted that his birthday cake have goats on it...and I happily obliged.  I love that she cherishes that experience with her dad. For whatever reason, it was very special to her.  


Next Up: Jack  

He was sure that Daddy would want candy...and lots of it.  This was something we could work with!  

Check out Jack's wet pants.  He sat on his tricycle after it had sat out in a brief rain shower.  He thought it was terribly funny and asked that I take a picture of his bottom to show Daddy! 

Last, But Not Least: Kate

Considering that Little Love is just learning our language and has only known Daddy for 10 weeks, she has limited knowledge of his likes/dislikes....much less the verbal skills to express it.  However, she does love being with him so I helped her cast a vote for family time together!  

We came up with this: 

We invited Daddy to a day at the zoo to "Monkey Around" and take in the new orangutaun exhibit with his favorite littles.  There we enjoyed a picnic lunch where we surprised Daddy with "lots of candy," per Jack's request...a jar of Reese's Pieces.  The tag said, "We Love You To Pieces."  The grand finale:  We gave Daddy a day of deep sea fishing later this summer.  It is something that he has always wanted to do and it just so happens that we are headed to the east coast in a few weeks!  

Dennis was thrilled with his day and loved spending time with the kiddos.  As a bonus..Kate spontaneously kissed him on the lips and said, "i ub ewe."  This was a first in both departments   Kissing has been quite foreign to her and I am happy that she decided to try out "smooching" today....Father's Day! She has been able to say "I Love You" for a few weeks...but never spontaneously.  So sweet.  

I know that I have been blessed with an amazing husband, but he is in a league of his own in the Daddy department.  D is patient, gentle and a dedicated to our family. He wouldn't miss a doctor's appointment, school program or celebration if it wasn't absolutely necessary. He makes daily calls during lunch to check on the kids.  Sick babies...no problem.  I have awoken several times to find him in bed with a child who has a fever or tummy ache. On Sunday mornings he can be found in the kitchen making waffles and most nights of the week supervising bath time or chasing someone with a toothbrush. D is fun and even when exhausted he is up for another round of "Lego Friends" or "tickle monster."  

A long time ago, Gran told me to find a true companion....a partner...a teammate when considering a spouse.  She said that God creates one specific person for each of us.  Oh, Gran. I found him.  And he is amazing.        

Here's to the best Daddy in the world!  We love you!   

***Are you wondering about the goats?  I promised Nola that she could treat Daddy to a little goat feeding at the state fair in August!  She was happy with that!     


Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Happy Birthday, Jack