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Dear Secret Admirer

Dear Secret Admirer, 

With Rosie's birthday just days away, it's crunch time at the Trusty household. Yesterday I needed to make a big Costco run...really big. On my list was food for 30 people and Mother's Day gifts for the grandmas.  So, I loaded up the kids and set out to check the items off my list.  Once in the parking lot, I put Jack and Kate in the cart and headed into the store.  Little Love started to tantrum (her 3rd before 10am) because I wasn't holding her. I decided after a failed attempt to soothe her that it would be the perfect time for a "Coming To Jesus" meeting in the entryway of Costco.  If went something like this....

Mama:  Listen sister, I know that you are not happy but we have to get this done regardless if you scream or not. 

Kate:  Screaming

Mama: I can't hold you because I have to push the cart and it's too heavy to do with one hand.

Kate: Screaming

Mama:  We are doing this lady, so if you must, let it rip. 

Kate: Screaming

And the screaming continued throughout the entire shopping trip.    

Yesterday was bumpy and I had high hopes for today.  Surely, it couldn't be worse.  Our day started by oversleeping by 2hrs! I scrambled to wake up the kids for breakfast before leaving to take Rosie to preschool. Kate tantrumed when I put her in the high chair and Jack lost his shoes.  I forgot it was "Lunch Bunch Friday" and then locked my keys and purse in the car.  I called D to drive home from work to unlock the car only to find that it was empty on gas. Kate was still screaming as I failed, again, at French braiding Rosie's hair.  As it was all falling apart, the doorbell rang which sent the dog into a spastic furry. I thought to myself, "If there is a man standing at the door with a pamphlet asking me if I would like to personally know Jesus, I will throw myself in his arms and beg him to pray with me for patience..and mercy, sweet mercy."  I slung open the door, still wearing my robe, to find a lady holding a vase of flowers. Without skipping a beat she said, "Oh, Honey.  I have been there.  You don't have to sign today."  She helped push my dog and son back into the house before she closed the door. All I could mutter was thank you.  I looked at the card and it said, "Happy Mother's Day.  Nola, Jack and Kate."  

I eventually got Rosie to school..30 minutes late and just in time for the pouring rain.  I tried three stores to find a Princess Anna dress for Nola, but they were all sold out.  I headed to the bakery to pick up Nola's dream cake for the low, low price of $88 (yes, you read that correctly) and then made my way to the toy store for one last attempt to find the dress.  While inside, Jack had explosive diarrhea that sent us racing to the bathroom, but it was too late. While hanging my head in the restroom wondering what I should do with little man's underwear, I noticed that I was wearing 2 different shoes, one black, one brown. Kate...well, she was still irritable. Did I mention that my cell phone died?  We left the toy store just in time to pick up Nola from school and then raced home for naps...only Kate fell asleep. Sigh. I started to prepare the food for the party when I noticed that Jack-Jack was quiet..too quiet.  Remember that $88 dream cake..the one from the magazine that Nola desperately wanted?  The one that was ordered 6 weeks in advance?  Jack was standing on top of the counter happily dragging his fingers through the icing.  My voice dropped three octaves as I snagged my son, now sporting a beard made of buttercream icing, off the counter and carried him to his room under one arm. I told him to wait while mommy made a phone call. Daddy arrived home a few minutes later.  Amen for the calvary.

Why am I sharing this?  Well, Secret Admirer, today was a bust. In fact, the last 2 days have been a bust as the kids stretch out their growing pains..family growing pains. Your gift brightened my day and I can't help but smile when I pass by the lovely bouquet that now graces my kitchen counter. Thank you for thinking of me and know that somehow it is overshadowing the pitiful cake that is sitting next to it. Seeing the word "mother" printed on the card reminds me to look for what went right today and to let go of all that went wrong. I hugged my babies, played a board game, ate pretend food in the playhouse and sang along to Frozen while in the car.  You know, maybe today wasn't a bust...maybe it wasn't a bust at all.

Thanks again!  

PS.  I tried to fix the cake.  As I screwed on the nozzle to the pressureized can of decorators icing, it malfunctioned, spraying black icing into my face and across my glasses.  As I turned to look at D, he said, "How is that even possible?" Finally, I was able to laugh.  Well, it was a laugh-cry combo, but at least there was some laughter.  

Happy Birthday, Nola!

With a Little Help From My Friends