I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

With a Little Help From My Friends

Right before I left for China, my kindergarten colleagues hosted a baby shower for Kate.  How sweet is that!  Not many people can say that they truly love and enjoy the people that they work with, but I can.  We are so different but compliment each other perfectly.  We laugh each day to the point of tears and I am never surprised at the jokes, pranks and general teasing that occurs when we are together.  They are talented beyond measure and I would gladly trust them with my trio any day of the week.  These gals can teach! teach! teach!  

Shortly after the shower began, they shared how they planned to make homemade fortune cookies as dessert.  They created all of the fortunes, baked the cookies and then panicked when they crumbled to pieces.  So, they playfully handed me a jar with all of their words of wisdom tucked inside and apologized for the mishap.  It was so sweet of them and I was touched by the thought and also tickled to hear how the plan unraveled. You have to admit, it is pretty funny!  I tucked the fortunes into my school bag and left for China a few days later.  

Yesterday was bit stressful....ok, really stressful and I was feeling defeated.  My house was a disaster, my children were grumpy and I needed sleep.  I thanked the Lord when I finally got Kate down for nap and the other kids situated for "quiet time."  I decided that it was time to take care of unfinished business so I started to unpack my school bag.  I smiled when I came across the small jar of fortunes and proceeded to get misty eyes as I read each and every one of them. I could tell who penned each fortune and was reminded of what a circle of support I have been blessed with. I know that each of the ladies is just a phone call away, and that is comforting... because I miss them, dearly.  

Thanks Ladies!  It was just what I needed!     

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