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Memorial Day

We spent most of the 3 day weekend checking things off of our to-do list.  We installed 2 hose reels, cleaned the garage, pulled weeds, organized the pantry and gave the mudroom closet an overhaul.  It was productive but not necessarily fun...that was until the Collyers called.  They asked if we were up for a little boating and a cookout!  How could we pass up the opportunity to unwind on the lake and spend time with friends!  We had a blast and can't thank them enough for thinking of us this holiday weekend! 

Here is Jack having the time of his life!  His job was to beep the horn and boy, he was good at it!  He beeped at other boaters, houses, fish and just for fun!  

This was Kate's second time on the water! She loved it..the wind, the misty air and the goldfish crackers!  As a bonus, "Fun Jeff" learned and perfected the Cantonese phrase for "It's nice to meet you." Kate was impressed and so were we!  She cocked her head and looked at him as if to say, "Pretty Cool Mr. C.  What's else do you have up your sleeve!"  

"Fun Jeff" let everyone have a turn being the captain, but one little person took the job more seriously than the others.  Here she is folks, Captain Nola!  She was in heaven behind the wheel!

The Children's Museum: China's Terra Cotta Warriors

Graduation Girl