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Not How I Imagined It

When we decided to put a spa tub in the master bath, I had great plans in mind. They went something like this.... 

After tucking in my angels, I would dim the lights, fill the tub to the brim with HOT water and soak away the worries from the day.  I would add my favorite bath fizzies (Nourish: Citrus Splash) and read the next chapter in a "can't put it down" novel.  Or, maybe I would turn on my favorite music and hum along while I tapped my toes to the beat.  Better yet, how about a row of candles across the windowsill?  I literally just sighed typing those words.  

Well, it turns out that I see very little of my tub these days.  It has been taken over by the wee ones in my home...and all of their toys.  If I do hop in, I'm usually alone for just moments before I hear the pitter-patter of little feet climbing the stairs.  What follows is a chorus of children yelling "MOM" before the door finally swings open. You know how the rest of the story goes!

It isn't what I had imagined when I picked out the perfect soaking tub, but boy it sure is fun. It is one of the highlights of our evening and I know these days are numbered.  Nola has already moved on to the shower and Jack doesn't want to play nearly as long as Kate. One day it will be soaking tub again...but for now it's a tiny water park, filled with rubber duckies, foam letters and pink bubble bath.  


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