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Graduation Girl

Our sweet Rosie graduated from preschool last week. She proudly marched on stage (the tiniest girl in the group) and sang her little heart out.  There was no stage fright to be found as she grinned ear to ear and waved at us from time to time. The highlight for Dennis and I came at the end of the program.  As each student walked to the front of the group to receive their diploma, the director of the preschool would read their name and share with the audience what the child wanted to be when he/she grew up.  Many students wanted to be vets, police officers, doctors, daddies and nurses.  But not our Rosie.  After the director called her name, she announced that Rosie would like to be a NINJA when she grows up.  Dennis and I laughed along with the rest of the crowd.  There she was...our little ninja.  We couldn't be prouder.   

Leaving the house before the program.  Sweet and Silly.

Granny was able to attend and was gifted a front row seat from the director of the preschool!  Daddy, Jack and Kate were also in attendance at the ceremony.  Rosie said, "I could see that Daddy brought me flowers.  He was trying to hide them in his lap!"  Also pictured, buddy Hayden.  Rosie adores him.  

Rosie with Will and Gerry.  Sweet William refers to my gal as "Fancy Nola" and Gerry is the son of my dear friend Sarah! He and Nola have been buddies since birth. I have high hopes for this pic to be duplicated in the future...maybe their senior year!!!!  

Memorial Day

Not How I Imagined It