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One Month Together

Isn't it hard to believe that Kate has been a member of our family for one month?  Sometimes it seems that we were in China just yesterday meeting Kate in a hot government building in Guangzhou..and other times it feels like she has been with us forever.  It's truly remarkable the love that Dennis and I feel for our little peanut and know, without a doubt, that she was the missing piece to our family.  Yes, we have had trying days, family growing pains and have struggled with the language barrier, but that dimpled smile makes it all worth it.  Our girl is growing each day.

Let's Celebrate....

Kate is able to say Mama, Baba, LaLa (Nola), Up, More, Hi and Bye-Bye.  She is no longer afraid of the dog and likes to feed him snacks...from the comforts of her high chair.  Kate thinks Daddy is the coolest guy ever and squeals when he comes home from work.  She squeals ever louder when he throws her into the air or plays "Tick-Tock, Katie Clock" swinging her side to side.  Kate loves American food but would chose a steamed bbq bun or pan fried noodles any day of the week!  Bath time is the greatest thing in the world and the playroom is heaven on earth (Thanks to Daddy and Tim).  Little Love is now happy more than she is sad and her tantrums have dwindled to just one or two each day with the help of improved communication skills.   

We continue to practice an attachment philosophy known as "cocooning."  With the help of our adoption agency and social worker..plus what we have read, we have been limiting Kate's interactions with people and stay very close to home. Right now, only Dennis and I are caring for her...holding, feeding, changing diapers, etc. We are trying to "rewire" some of the actions, reactions and learned behaviors that Kate used to survive in the orphanage.  It is important for Kate to attach to Dennis and I...with a deep, true, affectionate love.  A love that children feel for their parents.  Often, children who have lived in an institutional environment learn to feel on a very "surface level" as a way of protecting themselves from pain and rejection.  Our goal is to love Kate fiercely and prove to her that we are here, as her parents..for better, for worse, forever.  Slowly we will start venturing out for shopping trips, playdates and visits to the zoo.    We have great expectations to resume normal life in the next 4 to 6 weeks...but we will take as much time as our little love needs.  

Trying out the swings in the neighborhood park!

The slide was a little intimidating at first.

Cozy Coupe fun with brother and sister!  Possibly one of my favorite yard sale finds at just $3.00. Worth it's weight in gold!  

Powered by tiny toes!

First Big Outing

Happy Birthday, Nola!