I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

Happy Birthday, Nola!


Loves Reading and Preschool

Player of Calico Critters and My Little Pony

Enjoys Spelling 3 Letter Words and Baking with Daddy

Desires to Have Pink Hair and a Pet Guinea Pig

Watcher of Frozen and Despicable Me

Always Ready for a Trip to Disney World, The Beach or Granny's House

Hopes to be a Ninja or a Spy When She Grows Up

Answers to Rosie and Peanut

Sweet. Smart. Beautiful. 


Dennis and I can't believe that our baby girl turned 5 today!  It's a big number that comes with opinions (right down to the lemon cake with strawberry filling), ideas and imagination.  In an attempt to persuade my daughter into a fairy themed party...she made a strong case for a minion themed affair.  Not backing down from a challenge, I tried to charm her into a pink cowgirl party that I fell in love with on Pintrest. Oh, how I would love to buy pink cowgirl boots.  No luck!  Nola is growing up and like any smart, strong, confident lady, she knows what she wants!  I can respect that. In fact, I admire that. 

Minions! Minions! Minions! 

Time for presents on the porch!  When asked what her favorite was, she replied, "They were all my favorites!"  

My favorite photograph of the day! Pure Joy!

One Month Together

Dear Secret Admirer