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Making Memories

We booked a Spring Break trip to Hilton Head a few months before being matched with Little Kate.  Never, in our wildest dreams did we imagine returning home just in time to leave China.  We have a 4 day turnaround and I am feeling a teensy bit stressed....but not enough to regret a single moment of our time together in South Carolina.  It was fantastic!

 Here are the highlights of our trip!  

We took a carriage ride in Savannah, explored the beautiful city squares, ate lunch at Gran's favorite restaurant (Lady and Sons) and marveled at the lovely homes on Jones Street.  We love the romance of the city, the busy streets and the southern hospitality.  What's not to love.... sweet tea, fried chicken and banana pudding!

A trip to Hilton Head wouldn't be complete without a stop at Harbour Town!  We did a little shopping, checked out the lighthouse and tried to convince Gran to sell the farm to buy a yacht.  No luck!  My favorite part of the day was watching the children and Gran interact on the bench in front of the harbour.  Rosie and Jack were counting the long row of buttons on the front of her dress. I heard giggling and turned around just in time to snap some of the sweetest photos.  From there we ended up at the Salty Dog Cafe for lunch and customary t-shirts!  I'm not sure what it is about that place, but our kids LOVE it and scream "Salty Dog" when we pull into the parking lot.   

The beach...sandcastles, shells, sun and fun!  We spent hours on the beach each day..literally hours. Rosie and Jack played together so well..turn taking, listening and teamwork!  We didn't referee a single quarrel or scrapping match.  Our babies are growing up.  Other special moments:  Aunt Kim (walking arm in arm with granny above) loaded the beach with treasure and marked each spot with an "X."  She loves a good prank and pulled a big one with a very realistic looking turtle.  Rosie eventually forgave her...after an hour or so!  

The last night of any vacation is always bittersweet. So, I lugged out the big camera once last time to capture the kids at sunset.  I love the moody light at the end of the day, wind blown beach hair and the tan skin that marks a week well spent relaxing in the sun.  We knew we needed to have the kids in bed early so we opted for a quick supper...a little place called The Dunes House.  It was perfect.  The sun was setting, live music on the beach and the best fish tacos I have every had.  That's when IT happened...my favorite part of the entire trip.  Rosie asked if I wanted to dance with her on the patio. Within seconds the entire Trusty family was up and dancing which caused a chain reaction with the other guests. By the time the song ended, more than a dozen people were grooving along to "Brown Eyed Girl."  D took the sweetest pics, but I'm saving those for Rosie.  Something special for just she and I.    

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