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 When we stepped out of the terminal in Indy, we were met with the most amazing surprise.  OUR FAMILY! My cousin Andrea called together the troops and they were waiting with signs, flowers, smiles and tears!  They drove from all over the state to meet the newest member of the bunch and little Kate didn't disappoint with that larger than life grin!  Jack was up to bat first and got down on his knees to meet his sister.  He said, "I lub you baby Tate."  She promptly pushed him away which hurt his feelings, but he's a patient and persistent little fellow and was able to squeeze in a hug and kiss before running off to play with his cousins.

My Jack-Jack. He is a funny man with such a great, giving and tender heart...so much like his father.    

 Nola was sweet and gentle.  She approached Kate cautiously and smiled and waved at her. Kate smiled back and swung her arms side to side before clasping her hands behind her back.  It is pretty amazing to think that those two ladies will one day be best friends.  Kate was more than happy to chase her big sister around the airport!  Over the last few days they have really bonded.  

My Nola.  She is smart, empathetic and honest to a fault. She is a ray of sunshine and truly a good person.  

After hugs and kisses at the airport, my family busted out of there like their hair was one fire.  Apparently, taking care of the Trusty children for 16 days left them exhausted and needing a break.  The clan headed out for a little social gathering while we drove home to our "big brown house" as a family of 5!  Jack wasn't so happy to have been moved to the back seat and he sobbed.  So, I ended up riding in the backseat all the way home, holding my little man's hand..which I was more than happy to do.

When we pulled into the garage, I could have cried.  We made it! We were home with all three children safe and sound.  Then I opened the door to find.... a spotless house with mopped floors, beds freshly laundered and an organized laundry room!  STOP IT!  I knew that we called in the A TEAM (Granny, Joyce, Kim and Abby) but this was over the top. As I was about to start a happy dance, our family dog of 13 years waltzed in to meet the newest addition.  Kate took one look at him and screamed her head off!  Somehow in the midst of my PINESOL PARADISE, I forgot that Kate's nannies told me that she had never seen an animal before.  It wasn't pretty people and the poor old dog was frightened to the point of having an accident.  Nothing like soothing a screaming baby and cleaning up pee to snap you back into reality.   

Below you will find some fantastic homecoming pics of our family.  Special thanks to my friend and photography partner, Julie, for spending her Friday night at the airport!  You rock, girl!              


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