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Day 15 & 16 Homeward Bound (Part 2)

Minutes after receiving Kate's visa we were safely on our way to Hong Kong. It wasn't until then that I took a moment to absorb what was around me..and it was weird.  We rented a "deluxe van" hoping that it would have air-conditioning and maybe a roomy interior to make the ride more comfortable.  Who knew that deluxe, in this case, meant a flashy paint job and TRANSFORMER decals.  I am not making this up.  The minivan was black with red racing stripes, a booming audio system, freshly polished leather seats and an Optimus Prime ornament on the rearview mirror.  The driver, who got directions from our guide, was a pleasant man who took it upon himself to select music for our journey.  Kind gesture, right?  WRONG!  He played "What Does the Fox Say?" on repeat for the entire 3hr journey.  At one point Dennis asked me if it was some kind of sick form of torture and my response... hysterical laughter. Kate danced on and off to the music and Dennis cracked a joke any chance he got!  At our lowest point we decided to sing along and bob our heads to the beat...we would never see this guy again!   Later that night, just as D was drifting off to sleep, I whispered in his ear, "What Does the Fox Say?" and we started laughing all over again.  Seriously folks, it's been 2 days and I still can't get that song out of my head.

Fast forward a few hours and we boarded a plane for Chicago.  It was an overnighter and I had high hopes that Kate, who sleeps 12 hrs at night, would at least take a 6-8 hour snooze.  I'm a pretty realistic lady and know that a baby can't stay awake forever (famous last words).  Our precious little peanut screamed on and off for the entire trip and slept less than 2hrs. I'm pretty sure at one point the other passengers were making a plan to throw us out the hatch as I watched the time on the clock tick by one painful minute at a time. D, who still isn't able to hold her, watched movies and occasionally played a game on his phone.  In his defense, there wasn't anything he could do to help me, but for a moment I was so mad that I could have shot fireballs from my eyes as I held a screaming Kate while he watched "The Family Guy."  Throw in a blowout diaper, ice cream mishap and 3 full fledge temper tantrums and it was a bit of a disaster. In a nutshell: It was stinky flight and I am not looking forward to doing that again any time soon.

Once at Chicago, Kate hit her second wind and was a happy girl again. She entertained the people waiting to travel while D and I thanked the good Lord that the screaming had stopped..at least for the moment.  With just one leg left in our journey (Chicago to Indy) we knew would could tolerate anything if it meant seeing our Rosie and Jack. Much to our delight, Kate fell asleep at O'Hare and snoozed the entire flight home to Indy, only waking up to a great homecoming surprise!

Leaving Hong Kong!  



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