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Day 13: Safari Park and Pear River Cruise

What an amazing day!  We headed to Chimealong Safari Park early this morning and it didn't disappoint!  It was even better than we expected and was just as charming as Disney's Animal Kingdom.  In fact, in many regards it was better. For instance, each exhibit housed an animal nursery.  It was very sweet to watch the babies play together...and who isn't a sucker for baby pandas, bears, tigers, and elephants!  Kate loved riding in the stroller, feeding the giraffes and slurping down a big bowl of rice noodles for lunch. She was a happy girl who laughed, clapped and pointed to the animals.  

After the safari park, Kate took a nice long nap before we headed out on the Pearl River for a dinner cruise.  The weather was perfect and the lights were just as beautiful as Hong Kong.  We enjoyed the view of the city from the open air deck and reflected on how far Kate has come in just a few short days and also how far she has to go.  Yes, we found her smile, but she is very insecure about her surroundings and being more than a few feet away from me.  She is my little piece of velcro and I sing "Stuck Like Glue" several times a day.  Don't get me wrong, these arms were meant for holding babies!  I just wish that it wasn't fear of people and the world that was driving her towards me.  This will be our first goal for Katie once we arrive home..working on attachment and feeling safe at home.   

First Trip to the Zoo!  

Pearl River Dinner Cruise

The one and only family pic from the cruise! 

Conquering Fear

Day 12: Medical Exam & Shopping