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Day 12: Medical Exam & Shopping

Little Kate was a real trooper during her medical exam...all except the ENT portion of it where she locked her teeth together and refused to open.  We were lucky to get an amazingly kind physician who took an interest in Kate.  He spoke to her in Cantonese during the exam and she softened to him, flashing those dimples and melting his heart. In fact, when we were done, I think he may have offered to buy her a pony!  After visiting all three examination stations, the doctor cleared us for travel and told Dennis and I that we were very lucky to be parents of such a beautiful child.  Our guide told us that Kate's large eyes and dimples are a coveted sign of beauty in the Chinese culture. I was misty eyed as I thanked him for his time and assured him that we know what an honor it is to be Kate, Jack and Nola's parents.  Each of our children have beautiful hearts and sweet spirits.  They are smart, caring and good people.

When the medical exam was complete, we celebrated with a little shopping. OK, Dennis didn't think it was a celebration but more of a means to an end.  We hired a well known shopping guide that took us to the wholesale district and negotiated prices for us.  She was a small lady who walked lightning fast and drove a mean bargain.  She was honest with us, telling us if we could get the item cheaper or if we should pass because it was fake or not a good deal.  We came away with Kate's wedding box (traditional for the bride on her wedding day), pearls, silk dresses for each birthday up until age 14, hand painted combs and ornaments, a traditional tiger hat and various other little finds. I had a blast and could have kept going but Kate ran out of gas and Dennis was miserably hot.  So we hailed a cab, Kate mimicked Daddy by throwing her hand up in the air, and made our way back to the hotel with 5 minutes to spare.  After dumping the loot in our hotel room, we joined the rest of the adoption group at an amazing restaurant for dinner.  


1. Kate said "Mama, Baba and Bye-Bye" today.

2. After breakfast and dinner she signed "all done."

3. Kate babbled and played happily without any sad tears or crying spells!

4. The international adoption clinic was decked out with Christmas decorations and Frosty the Snowman was playing on the intercom when we arrived!  Ha!  

5.  I saw a little boy wearing some fantastic split pants today.  It's a pretty cute look on men under the age of 3.  

Sorry folks, but no pictures today. Check back tomorrow for the Chimealong Safari Park and Pearl River dinner cruise!    

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