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Day 10: "P" Personality

Kate woke up a happy baby this morning ready to play and enjoy the day.  After breakfast we rented a stroller from the hotel ($3 a day for the adoptive mamas who are following) and made our way back to the park. It is huge and we wanted to explore another portion of it before meeting our guide for more paperwork.  Kate loved the stroller and sat up like a big girl as we pushed her through the busy city and then into the park.  Much to our surprise we stumbled onto a beautiful concert and art exhibit.  That's the thing about Guangzhou, there is always something happening here.  It is similar to NYC in that sense, but with a much deeper history and ancient culture. We LOVE China and will return one day! 

After paperwork, lunch and laundry (sent a whole suitcase worth for $20) we made our way to a museum.  The name: The Western Han Museum of the Nanyue King Mausoleum.  Dennis and I managed to find an English audio device at guest services but struggled to use it when the directions were given to us in Cantonese.  We listened to the tour out of order but got the main idea.  The tomb was fascinating and we were able to walk into different chambers and view the burial objects that were recovered.  Kate loved looking around and... people loved looking at Kate. She and Dennis are currently tied in the competition for who has had their individual picture taken the most.  Just today a group of college girls stopped Dennis and asked if he would take a picture with them.  He was happy to oblige and grinned ear to ear as they snapped away.  I personally think he could have done a better job posing...crossed his arms? rested his chin on his hand? flexed his biceps?  But nope, he does the standard shy-guy hands in his pockets. Where's the fun in that?

After the museum we came back just in time to get ready for dinner.  It was "western" night at the hotel and how could we miss that? Kate gave us a taste of her personality when she threw her first fit.  Not wanting to walk like a big girl, she sat down in the hallway and crossed her little arms.  When Dennis and I started to laugh, she threw herself back on the floor and cried. When I told my dear husband that I foresee lots of timeouts in her future, he said, "Good luck with that.  I'm not sure I will ever be able to put her in timeout."  I asked him if he was serious and he said, "When she cries, all I see is that baby lemur in Madagascar."  Sheesh.  He is softer than I thought.

We made our way to western night and it didn't disappoint.  All of the servers were dressed as COWBOYS with hats and bandannas!  How would we ever make it through this meal???  At each station there were labels and my personal favorite explained that American cusine is known worldwide as "convenience food."  They were serving hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries.  Dessert was a unique version of apple pie and brownies.  This of course was in addition to squid, cuttle fish, eel, mussels, and loads of other interesting looking seafood that I wasn't brave enough to try. D went for the steak and crab legs and Kate polished off a bowl of vegetables and chicken all by herself.  She was feeling pretty good about using a big girl spoon! Kate kicked her legs, clapped her hands and the grand finale....she put the bowl on her head and rubbed food in her hair all with that big grin. Needless to say, our day ended with a little bath time fun.  

Tomorrow....a city tour and shopping (oh, and more paperwork)!    

A few snapshots from our trip to the park.  

A glimpse of the museum.

"Camera Shy Kate"

What's not to love about a fruit vendor! 

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