I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

Day 6: Officially a Trusty

We took a trip to the government office today to finalize Katie's adoption. After being interviewed by the officials, we were approved to be her parents. I'm pretty sure it's a formality but I wanted to make a good impression. Today our girl is legally a Trusty.. through and through!  

After the appointment we took a trip to Carrefor.  It is similar to Walmart but with an usual layout. It is several stories high and you take the shopping carts with you to each floor, riding on steep, magnetic conveyor belts along the way (to keep the carts from sliding down).  We needed to buy diapers, rice cereal, and snacks.  I couldn't read a single thing in the store, but was able to recognize most packages.  Kate was a real trooper and enjoyed her first trip to the store.  She loved looking around ...and people loved looking at us.  It was our first outing as a family and we turned a lot of heads. Slightly uncomfortable but we smiled and nodded. 

Other breaking news:  Kate is slowly warming up to Daddy. She sat in his lap for the first time today.  He lotioned her feet and legs before putting her jammies on.  When he was done she lifted her foot several times (her way of asking for more).  That foot massage went on for about 10 minutes!  She loved it.  And if that wasn't enough, Kate smiled today while playing with a ball. Oh my.  Wait until you see the dimples on this Cantonese cutie!

Sitting in Daddy's lap for a foot massage.  

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