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Day 5: Part III (Our First Night Together)

Dearest Kate, 

After arriving back from the government office, you and I snuggled in the chair for a few moments.  You fell asleep for a little over an hour and I was happy to have the chance to hold you and memorize the details of your tiny face.  Daddy on the other hand was walking the streets of Guangzhou trying to find your favorite food, pork congee and a rice cereal bottle.  He emerged a while later with your dinner and a little McDonalds for he and I.  He laughed and said that he had no idea what he had ordered but he knew that there were two sandwiches and french fries in the bag.  

I tried to give you a bottle but you refused to take it.  Instead you looked around the room for Daddy.  You're not too sure what to think about him and when given the chance, you give him some pretty good "stink eye."  He is taking it in stride and has made it his personal mission to win your heart.  He emerged from a 7-11 with a bag of candy for you.  It is part of his plan to hold you, but he will wait patiently until you are ready.  Oh, Kate.  Trust me.  There is no one more loving and kind than Daddy.  

When it was time for bed, I took off your panda bear shoes so I could slip you into some pjs.  It broke your heart.  So I worked fast to change your diaper and get you dressed. I sat you in the middle of the bed and slid in next to you. Daddy climbed in on the other side and we opened our sandwiches as you watched.  We laughed when we found 2 Big Macs.  It wasn't what Daddy had ordered but it would do.  As we started to eat, you quickly locked eyes with Daddy and then looked down at his sandwich.  You repeated this several times before he said, "Krissi, I think she wants a bite of this Big Mac."  We debated it for a few moments before agreeing that we would give you anything you wanted in the world tonight...and if it was a bite of a Big Mac, so be it.  Daddy held the sandwich close to your mouth and you leaned forward for a bite.  The flavor surprised you, but you liked it...a lot!  Your tiny tongue poked out and you licked your lips.  You had several more bites before moving on to some french fries. I sang "American Girl" as you cautiously nibbled away.  

As you began to get drowsy, we decided to FaceTime with your brother and sister so they could see you...their Mei-Mei.  They were thrilled and wanted to talk to you (in English of course) but you were all tuckered out.  You fell asleep during the phone call, our tired, sweet baby.  So, I picked you up and placed you in the white crib next to our bed.  Daddy and I barely closed our eyes as we watched you sleep. And sleep you did....12 straight hours.  

Good morning, Little Love.  It's a brand new day.  



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