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Day 5: Part II

Dearest Kate, 

You were brave today.  In fact, I'm sure there is no one braver than you.  Daddy and I were waiting in a special government building when, by chance, I saw you arrive.  You toddled across the lobby following the lead of one of your nannies. In your hands you held the blankie we sent you along with the small photo album of family pictures. I was all the way across the building but I knew it was you. Your hair was a little longer, but I would know those big, brown eyes anywhere. You went to a little room with all of the other babies who were waiting to meet their families. From that room, one of your nannies emerged.  She walked into the lobby, reached into her purse and pulled out a picture of Daddy and I.  She held the picture up to us (from halfway across the room) and I smiled and nodded. Your nanny started to cry as she held it to her heart and gave a slight nod of her head.  Little Love, I was reduced to a pool of tears and Daddy was close behind.  She loves you very much and my heart is broken for her.    

Then our guide came into our room and said, "Trusty family first."  How could it be?  Out of all of the families waiting, we were picked to go first!  It happened so fast (within minutes of arriving) that the camera wasn't even out of the bag.  Daddy chucked it to the guide who began snapping away. Your nanny carried you out to me and in broken, but heartfelt Cantonese, I said, "Hello, Hui Jia. How are you? I am your Mommy and this is your Daddy. We love you."  You held my eyes for a very long time and then looked down into your hands where you were holding the picture of Daddy and I.  Then you looked back at me.  You looked back and forth from the picture to my face several times. You knew that I was the lady in the picture.  Your nanny explained to you that we were your family and that you would be going home.

 I picked you up and held you. You felt like the perfect fit.  You were the perfect fit.  

With you on my hip and Daddy close by, the translator tried to keep up as the nannies unloaded a big bag in front of us and explained its contents.  They had brought your bottle, 2 boxes of formula, your favorite set of blocks, yam powder, diapers and a beautiful pink box with traditional family ornament inside. Then they began to tell us about you. Your nanny laughed and said you were an easy baby but could be stubborn.  She said you were active and liked to run and play.  She said you were beautiful.  Then your nanny asked if they could take pictures of us before they left. We took lots of pictures.

When it was time for your nannies to go, they gave you a quick hug and stood up.  They told you not to cry, but you couldn't help it.  First your bottom lip came out.  Then you began to shake. And finally, all of the emotion from the day came out in tiny whimpers that escalated into loud and painful cries. It was terrible. You were scared and did not want them to go. They also did not want to leave and actually hid and watched for nearly 45 minutes as we tried to soothe you. I knew they were there and understood why.  

When it was time to go, Daddy and I walked you to the van.  The sights and the sounds of the city were a welcome distraction and your big eyes opened even wider.  With your sad bottom lip still pouted out, you didn't make a peep on the drive back.  Instead, you clutched your photo album and watched a brand new world pass by the window.  Oh, so brave Little Love.  Oh, so brave.    

Love you, 





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