I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   

It's Better to Give...

It's no secret that I love teaching.  I'm crazy about the students...and my amazing partner, Mary.  She and I have been co-teaching for 5 years and I can honestly say that she is one of the most caring and genuine people that I have ever met.  She is one of my sweetest friends and a mentor.  Did I mention that she often plays the role of therapist, secretary, comedian and my go-to partner in crime?  She loves a good prank just as much as I do!  

Mary and her husband "Fun Jeff" (as named by the Trusty children) sponsor several children throughout the year, act as board/committee members of the local Boys and Girls Club, regularly serve meals to hungry tummies and so on! The list is limitless.  I am not joking.  It would take me all night to list their good deeds in the last few months.  However, there is one good deed that I must share.....

Mary has lived the adoption process with me everyday for two years.  She cheered us on through the home study, acted as a sounding board as we talked about various medical needs, listened as I became impatient and was there to snap pics when "The Call" finally came.  She has shed almost as many happy and sad tears as I have! 

You may remember that, not too long ago, we sent a care package to Kate's orphanage in Huidong.  The children received fruit, milk, clothing and educational toys.  After seeing the pictures and hearing about our orphanage donations, Mary and "Fun Jeff" asked if they could send a treat to Kate and her little friends....and a treat it was!  They sent enough cake and fruit to feed a small army!  In addition, they sent EVERY single child at the orphanage a long sleeve GAP T-shirt (the brand was a surprise to all of us..but not as much as the shirts donning the American flag).  Jeff and Mary do not do these thing for recognition but because they want to help where help is needed...plain and simple.    I have known them long enough to know their life is driven by faith, family and a desire to help others. My granny would say that they have been blessed with a "servant's heart."  Hearts that have been called to serve those with the least.

Matthew 25:40  "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'

Below: Kate and her friends receiving their special treats from Jeff, Mary and the Girls!  


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