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Advice From The Experts

A few weeks ago my students hosted a surprise baby shower for Kate. Well, I'm using the term "surprise" lightly because my kindergarteners spilled the beans pretty quickly. One little angel said, "Mrs. Trusty we are having a surprise party for you tomorrow but we can't tell you when it is!"  Just another reason why I love my profession...where else would I find such a loving and humorous crowd to spend my days with!  

Several posts ago, I shared how I "got the call" at work.  What I failed to mention was that I was in the middle of Writer's Workshop and had a parent volunteer in the classroom to assist.  This sweet helper, Mrs. E., was there to witness my shock and tears as I tried to call Dennis (whom I couldn't get ahold of).  Without skipping a beat, she continued to lead her group of writers and carry on as if nothing was transpiring on the other side of the room.  

Well, rumor has it that Mrs. E. was the driving force behind this fantastic baby shower.  She worked with the students to write a book titled, " Mrs. Trusty's Guide to Being the Best Mom Ever!"  Let me tell you, there was some great advice in there...everything from let your baby eat ice cream for breakfast to letting her feed the giraffes at the zoo!  I have made a mental note and will strongly consider at least one of these options..OK maybe two!  

The children were happy to shower Kate with gifts but they were more than THRILLED to try out Mrs. E.'s glamorous punch fountain and cake!  They were so excited they clapped when she turned the fountain on and the punch flowed freely from one tier to the next!  Every child in my class can read and write...most beyond their years, but at the end of the day they are still 5 & 6 years old.  In that moment, clapping for cake and punch reminded me of how tiny they actually are. My sweet kiddos, I love each and every one of them dearly.  

A special thank you to Mrs. E, Mrs. S., Mrs. F., Mrs. S. Mrs. H., and  Mrs. V for hosting a very sweet and memorable baby shower.     

Top Left and Clockwise:  The famous punch fountain, reading "parenting advice" with a student, showing our flight path to China using a globe and my sweet class and teaching partner!  

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