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Putting the "Party" in Tea Party

I know that I am blessed in countless ways, especially in the friendship department.  A few weeks ago my besties told me to keep Saturday open for a date.  I didn't think anything of it because it's something that we do frequently...the social highlight of my month. When Thursday rolled around, I bumped in to Sarah (fantastic heart--horrible liar) and asked her what our plans were and if the "boys" would be joining us.  Before she ever opened her mouth, I could tell they were up to something!  She looked GUILTY!  

The girls came clean and shared that we would be heading out for lunch at an amazing Pan-Asian restaurant followed by a ceremonial Chinese tea service.  I was touched to the point of tears on several occasions at the thought, time and effort they put into the day.  If that wasn't enough, they came with gifts for little Kate and and some special goodies for me! Yes, these ladies sound to good to be true but I assure you that they are every bit as amazing as I have described...and more so!  They are talented teachers, exceptional mothers and the best friends a girl could ask for.  


Above:  Just a handful of pictures from the tea ceremony at Jiana Tea and Gifts in downtown Noblesville.  Our hostess, Zheng Yun was darling.  I wish Tammi didn't miss the group shot.

Below:  Pics from the restaurant. I can't help but smile...these ladies are hysterical!  

Below:  At the end of the tea ceremony, the girls arranged for me to take home my very own Chinese tea set!  Oh, they were beautiful and, and to no surprise, I naturally gravitated toward the red!  I love this gift so much that I've made tea every single day since bringing it home. I have mastered the perfect combination of green tea leaves and jasmine flower.  Yummy!  

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