I'm Kristina.  The mama behind trustypartyofsix.com.   


Have you ever known someone so beautiful that words, no matter how poetically woven together, could never do that person justice?  Case in point, Granny.  I just spent the last few days sitting on a beach with my grandmother in South Carolina.  She and I have enjoyed several trips together over the last decade and each time I pinch myself, knowing that I am the luckiest granddaughter in the world! We have braved Alaska, toured the West, lounged on beaches, cruised blue waters and even visited "The Mouse!"  There isn't an adventure I wouldn't try with this gal at my side.    

Granny is strong, smart and exceptionally giving.  Her character is rock solid and even though she is a trained nurse, I think all would agree that teaching by example is her true talent.  She is patient, forgiving and not afraid to speak her mind in the most polite and fascinating manner.  This lady, all 5ft of her, can command a room with a gentle tone and shy smile.  She is a magnet for people who seek her out in a crowd for conversation or prayer, just because there is something about her that draws people in. She seeps love. Gran was definitely placed on this earth with purpose and I feel fortunate that I'm able to learn from her each day...oh, and that I get to call her MY grandmother.  Can you tell I take a lot of pride in that?       

Granny and Jack: This pic is 2 years old but one of my favorites.


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