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More Than a Coincidence....

We could be the luckiest family in the world this week!  You see, many families will receive just a handful of pictures of their child before they travel, but not us.  We have been blessed with several pictures of Kate, 2 videos and 2 updates...all in a matter of a few weeks.  Her caretakers even took the time to send us pics of Kate as a small baby to the toddler she is today.  This is remarkable and almost unheard of in the adoption world and we are infinitely grateful for this amazing glimpse into our daughter's life.  

In several of the pictures we have received, Kate is playing with other children.  In hope of sharing this blessing, I posted a small blurb in our adoption group that I would be willing to send the photos to any family who has a child waiting in the same orphanage.  When you are waiting for your child to come home, sometimes a picture gives you just enough strength to get through those last few weeks. I knew this was a stretch...Kate's orphanage is extremely small, less than 20 kids, and few children are available for international adoption. In all honesty, I didn't think anything would come of it. Within hours, I was contacted by two amazing mamas right here in the US.  They brought their daughters home a little over a year ago from the exact orphanage where our peanut currently lives.  Now their girls would not be in any of Kate's recent pictures, but there was a good chance that she would be in theirs.  All they needed was a pic of my Katie-bug and the search began.  

Yes, I do believe in coincidences but I also believe in miracles.  I sent Kate's photo to the mama in South Carolina and she emailed me back with the most amazing story.  Her daughter was near her computer when Kate's picture loaded. The little girl stopped and said......"Hui Jia?"  This small child, Hui Jia's orphanage sister, recognized and remembered her! I am not sure which family was more shocked, the Trustys in Indianapolis or our new friends in South Carolina. These two girls, once playmates in southern China, will live just 12 hours apart in the United States!  Even more remarkable, we take an annual beach vacation just 1hr from their home.  I have a great feeling that these "old friends" will see each other soon. 

 Obviously this story is more than a coincidence...don't you think?  


Here is the most recent pic of our Little Love!  

Hui Jia 2014-2-11.jpg

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