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Cantonese Cutie

Little Love,

We received such an amazing surprise today…updated pictures and videos of you.  Miss Pam called to let us know that nothing shy of a miracle happened over the weekend and that she was sitting at her desk looking at your lovely, little face.  Then she told me that she emailed the photos and videos to us so we could see how you had grown since the last update. 

I called Daddy and we decided that we would open your pictures together.  Unfortunately, my computer froze and Daddy was able to see you first.  It went something like this…

Daddy: Oh my God, Krissi.  She's beautiful. 

Mommy:  Wait, I can’t see her!

Daddy: Oh, Krissi.  She's really adorable.  Can you see her?

Mommy: I can’t see her!

Daddy:  Here, type in this address.

Mommy: I can’t.  My hands are shaking. 

Daddy:  Oh my gosh, Krissi.  She's walking. 

Mommy:  Are you watching the video without me? Dennis, I can’t.....wait, wait, wait!

Mommy: Ohhhh.  She's beautiful. 

Daddy & Mommy:  (lots of laughing and crying)

In the video, you were dressed in your finest gold and red silk, playing a little drum.  The nannies said, "Tell your mama hello" but you were much too busy walking and playing with the other children. We laughed as you ran from the camera and made your way to the slide on the playground.  Somewhere along the way you snagged a Duplo block and guarded it closely as one of your buddies, about 3 years old, tried to pick you up. You made an impressively quick getaway. You are VERY fast for such a tiny thing. It was wonderful to see you walk and play with your friends, sweet girl.  It was our first glimpse of your personality and, as impossible as it may seem, we fell even more in love with you.  

Wo Ai Ni, Hui Jia


For the Love of Charlotte

Welcome, Little Love