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"Little Love" Is In The Air

Dear Little Love,

This Valentine's Day was especially sweet.  In addition to traditional gift giving, we received a surprise update with 3 pictures of you.  Oh, we have been aching to share your picture with the world but needed to get to Granny's farm to share with our family first.  It took 2 weeks, but we finally made it through the snow for what was supposed to be a pitch-in lunch.  After the meal was served we lazily passed out Valentine's to each other.  Your sister, Nola, went last.  She handed out small Chinese take-out boxes with red hearts on them.  She counted to three and everyone opened at once.  Inside was pink tissue paper and a picture of you!  It took a few moments before someone said, "Is this our baby? Is this our girl?"  Then all at once, the whole family erupted into loud laughter and cheers! Grandma Carolyn started crying (she's a big softie), Nan said you were beautiful, and Buscia was talking so fast, I couldn't make out a word she was saying!  Then there was Granny.  Gran took your photo over to the window for the light and tried desperately to see your tiny face. She can see very little these days but was determined to get a glimpse of you. I saw her smile as she outlined the image of your face with her delicate finger. She said, "Katherine makes my 35th grandchild."  Never doubt for a second that you were wanted and loved by many.  

 Daddy and I can't wait to share the video with you, sweet girl!  I am sure it will be treasured gift.  

Wo Ai Ni, Hui Jia


 We are overjoyed to introduce our daughter, Katherine Hui Jia Trusty!  Our little "Kate."

Hui Jia 1.27.14 (1).JPG

More Than a Coincidence....

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