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For the Love of Charlotte

My sweet Rosie and I have enjoyed adding chapter books to her bedtime routine.  She loves Junie B. Jones, but surprised me a few weeks ago when she asked for Charlotte's Web.  It is a special book to me and I have a cherished copy that is decades old. Several years ago, when I landed my first teaching position, Dennis gave it to me as a gift. From that point on, I have read it to my kindergarten students every Spring...as we are usually hatching eggs in the classroom and discussing animal life cycles.   

By chance, I heard that the stage play of the book would be performed at Purdue and I scrambled to get last minute tickets for Valentine's weekend. I came away with 3 fantastic seats and happily asked our beloved cousin, Cassie, to join us.  She is Purdue alumni (CPA extraordinaire) and served as a great tour guide. After making pig ears and a spider craft, we enjoyed the hour long show. Amazingly the only time Nola spoke was to tell me how the book and play were similar..or in some cases different. The rest of the time she was mesmerized by the cast..especially Wilbur the pig!  We ended the the day by hitting up Pappy's in the Union for a banana split and then heading home.  Rosie fell asleep just a few minutes after we left. 

I am one lucky mama, folks!  


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