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The Velveteen Rabbit

Rosie Roo and I made our way into the city for a children's play a few nights ago.  When I heard that the Indiana Repertory Theatre (http://www.irtlive.com) was featuring The Velveteen Rabbit, I knew a special little someone who would eagerly be my date. She soaked up every moment and honestly folks, it was THE BEST children's production that I have seen....ever.  And I have seen a lot as a kindergarten teacher.  

The cast stayed after the show to meet the children and to pose for photographs.  Rosie loved the rabbit and the old rocking horse.   

After the show we made our way home, but not before soaking in a few minutes of the action downtown.  The streets were bustling with holiday chaos.  Horses, wearing santa hats, clip clopped down the streets and monument circle was lined with larger than life nutcrackers. Crowds of people holding hot chocolate strolled the window light displays and families huddled together for photographs.  We even saw Santa.....standing next to his Harley Davidson.  He was across the street so I rolled down the window and yelled, "We love you Santa" to get his attention!  He responded with a wave and a Ho-Ho-Ho.  Rosie giggled and claimed it was the funniest part of the evening.  

Thanks for a wonderful night, Rosie Roo.  I had a great time.   

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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