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Ninja Dance

This holiday season marks Jack's first official school program.  At just 3 years old, our prayer was that he would join his friends on stage and participate in singing the 6 Christmas songs he has been practicing for months.  Right before we left the house, he said " Mama, I am going to do a ninja dance on that stage."  My eyes bugged as I shot Dennis a glance and got down on my knees to assure my little buddy that a "ninja dance" had no place in the Christmas program. Nevertheless we continued to kick, roll and jump all the way to the car.

Once at the church, Dennis and I were both nervous as the children lined up to take their place on the stage.  I visualized his ninja moves occurring somewhere between "Away In The Manger" and "O Holy Night."  I finished my silent prayer just as the music began.  

And Jack, making eye contact with the crowd for the first time, froze in fear.

For a second, I thought my little man might cry.  And my heart started to ache.

But much to our delight, he slowly warmed up and cracked his lips ever so slightly to sing.  And his hands, still attached to stiff arms, barely moved. But he was doing it!   

When I picked up my little elf after the program, he looked at me and said, "Did you see me, mama? I was so awesome!" 

Oh, Jack.  I did see you and you were awesome...totally awesome!  

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