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Kent's Crew

The last few weeks have been full of reunions for our family.  Take Kent's crew for example.  The handsome man you see below is Asher, son of Kent and Tina.  He and Katie-Hui were adopted at the same time, through the same amazing agency, CCAI.  It was love at first sight for the Trustys when we met up at the hotel during the final week of our trip.  Kent, a hard working, salt of the earth kind of guy has a personality so similar to my dad's that I often find myself staring at him. Sorry, Kent. I can't help it.  And Tina, don't let her quiet demeanor and sweet smile fool you.  This lady drives a mean bargain and was fearless negotiating in China.  I was drawn to her instantly and she was hands down my favorite shopping buddy!

It was our pleasure to welcome them to our hometown a few weeks ago and we knew that a visit to the zoo was at the top of our list.  

The children had a great time checking out the exhibits and watching the animals. 

The older siblings thought is was pretty enjoyable as well!  Meet Aiden.  Doesn't he look sharp in his glasses!  And those other two monkeys...well, they just loved making new friends. 

We were one of the last families at the zoo when they closed for the evening! 

We polished off the weekend with lots of yummy Italian food.... and milk and cookies.  The guys talked "shop" and Tina and I...well, we talked about China and the desire to return one day.  

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A New Treasure

Happy Halloween 2014