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Happy Halloween 2014

Oh, Indiana.  I still love you despite the unpredictable weather.  I mean, who would have guessed that Halloween night would produce temps in the low 30s, rain and even SNOW!

We started the afternoon at Rosie's school for the costume parade and MONSTER MASH dance for students and families.  Here is my little bat pictured with her "big buddy."  

While we were dancing away, a huge storm rolled in and brought with it rain...an icy rain mix to be precise.  At that point, I offered the kids Plan B: $10 each to spend at the local candy store in efforts to avoid walking the streets in the neighborhood. I waited with baited breathe for their decision.....and it was a big, fat NO!  

Braving the cold temps and gale force winds, we set out for a little trick-or-treating with one of our dearest family friends, The Blaettners.   See the young man in black?  That's Christian and he was a kindergarten student of mine many, many years ago!

He volunteered to take the kids up and down the sidewalks to collect candy.

They plowed through  2 cul-de-sacs before numb fingers started to ache.

Stopping early didn't bother them in the slightest. You see, there were hardly any children out to collect treats so our little trio was scoring big at each house.  Think handfuls at a time!  

D and I were thrilled to watch.... from the comforts of the van! That's right, people.  We didn't get out of the car a single time.  Judge if you wish, but it alternated from spitting rain to a rumbling downpour. And the cherry on top: SNOW!  

Was it less than ideal? YUP.  Would I change it? Nope.  

My favorite memories of the evening were watching the kids giggle as the hopped out of the heated car and into the wet mess outside.  Listening to the sound of Jack's bag being dragged up and down driveways.  Hearing Dennis say, "I never want to forget how happy they are tonight."  Looking at Kate's confused face every time someone dropped a handful of candy into her bag.  Seriously, her face was priceless.  In my mind she was thinking, "So, every time you push the little button by the door, people give you candy. Why didn't they tell me about this earlier!"

You know, now that I think about it....It was actually pretty perfect.  Pretty perfect, indeed.     

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