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Hello, Friend!

When Dennis and I were in China we had the distinct privilege to meet and fall in love with two little ladies who were on their way home...forever home.   The first little peanut was Josie.  Her parents, Bill and Nikki, met up with us in Hong Kong and we spent the next 14 days together....even sharing the day we met our daughters.  We laughed with and at each other as we navigated the country, attempted the language and explored the food. 

Over a year ago we booked a trip to Orlando...which just so happens to be the home of the Stanton family.  We made a point to meet up with each other.  Nikki and I picked up on our friendship easily... a little too easily.  All of my chatting led to very few photos of Josie and Kate.  By the time I pulled the camera out, the sun had set and we were working in the dark with with outdoor lighting. Bluck!    

Bill and Nikki: I owe you some photos and will make good on that in the next few months!

Here they are....Josie and Kate (accompanied by Josie's adorable brother Will, Jack and Nola  

Coming soon....another special reunion!  

China Sisters

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