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Welcome, Little Love

Dear Hui Jia,

Rosie and Jack have been asleep for 9 hours and, in just a bit, I will wake them for breakfast and we will head out to start our day. But not you, Little Love. Halfway across the world tonight, you are getting ready for bed.  How about a bedtime story...the first of many.

On Wednesday (January 22).  I had the most amazing opportunity.  I was able to photograph the birth of my dear friend's baby and it was beautiful experience.  Afterwards, I came home and couldn't sleep. I told Daddy that I didn't know if I was nervous or anxious but I felt out of sorts. Something was different and I slept only a few hours that evening. The morning came quickly and on Thursday (January 23) we got up for a little playtime before work. There was a 2-hr delay because of cold temperatures, so I took my time getting ready.  I was thinking about you as I perused my closet for a sweater and wondered if the weather was cold in your China home. As Daddy went out the door I gave him a kiss and then asked if he thought “the call” would ever come.  He said, “It’s coming, Mama and it shouldn’t be much longer.”  His patience never ceases to amaze me.  

The morning went on as usual and I quickly found myself talking about adopting you.  While in the lunchroom, I shared that I had been waiting a very long time and needed you in my arms. Little did I know that on my desk sat my cell phone and the screen showed 2 missed calls from our adoption agency.  Oh my! When lunch was over I went back to my classroom and prepared for my next lesson. That is when "IT" happened.  The phone in my classroom rang and I picked it up.  It was Miss Pam from CCAI!  When she said, “Hello, Kristina.” I started crying because I knew exactly who it was and could tell by the joy in her voice that she, in that very moment, was about to change our lives forever.

Pam told me that you were beautiful and smart.  She said you lived in Huidong, part of the Guangdong Province.  She said that you could clap your hands, wave bye-bye and walk.  She said you had 6 tiny teeth and loved going to the playground. I listened and said nothing...I couldn’t through the crying. Huge, hot tears of joy, love and overwhelming sadness poured down my face.  You see, I was so happy for you and I, but in that moment my first thought was of your birth mother and the terrible, soul-wrenching pain that she certainly feels not having you in her arms.  I know this little love, because I swear I can feel her on the other side of the world tonight.    

After I hung up the phone with Miss Pam, said a prayer for you and your birth mother, it was time to call Daddy.  He was away from his desk so I called and sent several texts (9 to be exact). He called back and said that he knew what I was about to tell him. I shared everything that Miss Pam had told me and he started laughing…loud, happy laughter.  Then he switched into Daddy gear, left work immediately and began making plans to get you home as soon as possible.    

When I got home from school, I sat down at the computer because I wanted to see your face.  Daddy had already seen you and was smitten. He said, “Every time I look at her, Krissi, I swear she gets cuter!” As I opened your picture, I was speechless.  You did not look like the little girl I had imagined…you were better!  Looking back from my computer screen was an amazing, little lady with a fuzzy head, large, dark eyes and the sweetest shaped mouth that I have ever seen.  You were certainly beautiful.   Even your sister noticed.  When Nola walked past the open doors of the office, she stopped and said, "I sure hope that baby is ours."    

That was several hours ago and I am still awake.  I went to bed, but my eyes did not close. You see, every few minutes I look at a few treasured photos of you. Now it is so clear why I couldn't sleep the night before.  I had originally thought it was the excitment of the photo shoot but I was wrong.  It was you the whole time.  

 It is now 6:30 on Friday morning, little love, and time for you to go to bed on the other side of the world.  Sleep tight knowing that countless bedtime stories are in your future.  Just like Rosie and Jack, your very own copy of Goodnight Moon will be waiting on the nightstand in your nursery and I promise it will be more entertaining than this.  Until then, my letters will have to do.

Wo Ai Ni, Hui Jia



Special thanks to my teaching partner and friend, Mary, for capturing "The Call!"  The ugly cry isn't pretty people, but it is real!   


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