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It Seemed Like a Good Idea...

Knowing that a trip to China is in our near future, it was time for D and I to start our vaccination series. The morning started a little jumbled as we tried to squeeze in errands before our 9:30 appointment. I will admit that I get a freakish adrenaline rush from checking stuff off of my to-do-list.  It is a problem and I could probably benefit from some type of therapy in regard to my list making habits. Needless to say, I considered chest bumping my husband after I unpacked that last bag of groceries before 9am. Boo-Ya!  

Once at the clinic, I smiled to myself as I watched Jack-Jack enter the office wearing his green, dinosaur house shoes and puffy, winter jacket.  We mamas have to pick and choose our battles and this morning it was brushing his teeth, so little man got a free pass on the dino-feet. Several years ago I would have laughed at the sight of a child wearing something so ridiculous and would have made a mental note to NEVER let my kid wear anything like that in public.  Now that I am a mother, I would like to tell my younger self to not judge the mom with the kid wearing pjs in the middle of Meijer or a Halloween costume in May.  You see, she probably just let that little angel out of a head-lock in effort to keep his baby teeth clean and cavity free!  

We waited about 40 minutes before being called back for our appointments. By this time, the kids were restless and I was praying they would take us to a room before we were exposed to any other nasty bugs. The nurse smiled (after seeing the dino-feet and likely making a mental note of her own) and led the Trusty family into a shared room.  I thought it would be a great learning opportunity for the kids, so I explained to them what the medicine was for and let them watch as I rolled up my sleeve.  Little Rosie suddenly started to sweat and became very pale, proclaiming that she was going to be sick.  D took her out the room just in time as she started cry.....and vomit!   A few minutes later, we headed to the reception area to pick up my mother-of the year award and make our next appointments!   

iPhone fun:  Jack's dino-feet

No shirt, No shoes, No diaper...No problem!

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