Trusty Party of Six

Scrapbooking Daily Adventures in Love and Life

Julian Alps & Lake Bled, Slovenia


We arrived to Lake Bled in the evening. 

Just as the sun was setting. 

We walked around the lake. 

Marveling at the plenta boats --

And dreamy chalets.

It was cool.

And romantic. 

Making a pre-dinner stroll -- 

The highlight of the evening.  

The next day we awoke to cloudy skies. 

But we could still see the magnificent turquoise water. 

It was crystal clear and begging for a swim.

After a boat ride to the church, we went for it.  We swam in Lake Bled. It was and probably will be the greatest swim of our lives.  The clarity of the water was surreal and being surrounded by the Julian Alps only made the experience more exhilarating. 

We eventually got hungry and grabbed a snack.

Before walking around the lake one last time. 

We came across a couple of fisherman and watched as they caught a real beaut! My mind drifted to brother. 

A few minutes ahead we were treated to this view of the church...

and met the luckiest ducks in the world! 

By the time we made the 4 mile loop, we were back to the beginning just as the sun was going to bed.  Marking the end of a very special trip. 

Ljubljana, Slovenia



The beautiful capital city of Slovenia. 

It was fabulous. 

Clean. Friendly.  A place to travel.

And these two?  Aren't they adorable?  We couldn't help but think of our children as we marveled at their packs and watched as they browsed for a tiny souvenir to to add to their growing load.  I want my children to be brave. To explore. To step out on their own and explore this big beautiful world with wanderlust.  

I want them to soak up the old. 

And delight in the new. 

Savoring every twist and turn. 

Knowing that when they are done, they can always come home to me. I'll be waiting.

A Rainy Night in Rovinj


Photographs.  If you have followed us over the years, you know that photographs are near and dear to my heart.  As far as earthly treasures go, I value little.  Clothes. Cars. Jewels.  I could not care less. But photographs?  That's a different story.  They let me relive our quietest moments and grandest adventures time and time again.  

This session was never supposed to have happened. It rained all evening and as we chatted with our new friend and photog, Kresimir, we were certain the opportunity was gone.  One coffee turned into two and before we knew it, the rained had stopped. It was dark, cool and perfect. Really perfect.  

Rovinj, Croatia



A Croatian Jewel -- 

Part of the Meditteraenan.  

A beauty from every angle.

We stayed on a private island --

Taking a short ferry ride to the town. 

I was in love...

The moment my feet hit the ancient cobblestone.

We strolled to the center of town. 

Slowly purusing the local goods. 

From there, we consciously making the decision --

To get lost. 

Peeking in nooks and crannies.

And making new friends. 

My affection was growing by the second.

And I found myself wondering what it would be like...

To live in such a place. 

Where neighbors share clothes lines. 

And shopping consists of quirky boutiques and handmade goods. 

A place where a cup of coffee is served on a cliff. 

And the views never ending.  

A place that I vote the most beautiful sunset in the world.  

It's tempting, but my favorite place in this world will always be home. 

Plitvice National Park, Croatia



Home of a BAJILLION waterfalls.

Every turn. 

Better than the next. 

It was a pleasant hike.

A welcome change from the city. 

They only problem was --

I had to fight the urge to break the law most of the day.  

Swimming is prohibited and my struggle was real.  Very real.